Command info

The command info is useful to get a quick overview of Jok3r settings.

usage: python3 info <args>

optional arguments:
  -h, --help          show this help message and exit

  --services          List supported services
  --options           List supported context-specific options
  --http-auth-types   List the supported HTTP authentication types
  --checks <service>  List all the checks for the given service

Supported subcommands are pretty straightforward:

  • --services: Display the list of services that are supported (can be targeted).


In Jok3r, there is a special service which is named multi. It is used internally in order to group all the tools from toolbox that can be used to target different services (and not only one single service). For example, Nmap and Metasploit can both be used to perform tests against different kinds of services - such as http, ftp, ssh… - thus they are classified under this special service multi.

  • --options: Display the list of supported context-specific options.


A context-specific option TODO

  • --http-auth-types: List the supported HTTP authentication types. Here are some examples:

    • wordpress
    • drupal
    • tomcat
    • jboss
    • weblogic
  • --checks <service>: List the security checks that are implemented for the given service.


Security checks are defined into configuration files located into the settings/ directory. For each service, there is a settings/<service>.conf file that can be easily customized.