The recommended way to use Jok3r is inside a Docker container so you will not have to worry about dependencies issues and installing the various hacking tools of the toolbox.

A Docker image is available on Docker Hub and automatically re-built at each update: It is initially based on official Kali Linux Docker image (kalilinux/kali-linux-docker).

Docker Image size

Pull Jok3r Docker Image:

sudo docker pull koutto/jok3r

Run fresh Docker container:

sudo docker run -i -t --name jok3r-container -w /root/jok3r --net=host koutto/jok3r

Important: –net=host option is required to share host’s interface. It is needed for reverse connections (e.g. Ping to container when testing for RCE, Get a reverse shell) Jok3r and its toolbox is ready-to-use !

  • To re-run a stopped container:
sudo docker start -i jok3r-container
  • To open multiple shells inside the container:
sudo docker exec -it jok3r-container bash

Build your own Jok3r Docker Image

If you want to build your own Jok3r image from a fresh Kali image rather than use our pre-made one, run the following commands:

sudo docker build -t jok3r-image .


For better convenience when editing files, Sublime-text editor is installed inside Docker image. It is a GUI application, so you need to connect the container to host’s X server to be able to run it:

  • Use the following command to run the container:
sudo docker run -i -t --name jok3r-container -w /root/jok3r -e DISPLAY=$DISPLAY -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix --net=host koutto/jok3r
  • On the host, execute the following command:
xhost +local:root

Manual install